Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Those who eat alone get free things

It's been a while since I have posted, so I'll try to improve that!  Last Tuesday, I had a delightful lunch and dinner by myself.  Lunch was at Prune on 1st between 2nd and 1st(I'm convinced 1st st and 1st ave is the vortex of the universe.)  I enjoyed dinner after a track workout at Ippudo NY which I believe is tied with Momofuku Noodle Bar for the best bowl of ramen in town!

At lunch, I had the szechuan potato salad with cracked peppercorns that is cold, spicy, and delicious as an appetizer(even though its meant to be a side.)  Then, I had my favorite New York burger, and I do believe it is because Gabrielle Hamilton adds lamb to this juicy patty.  It is topped with Vermont white cheddar, but the best thing about this dish is the bun.  It's an english muffin bathed in butter, garlic, and parsley and toasted!  Genius Gabrielle, just genius!  Then, for dessert, I had the Breton butter cake that is one of the most comforting winter desserts.  I had been watching each dish come out from behind the kitchen, but this dessert is so special in its ability to be soft and crispy, buttery and filled with sugar.  Then it happened, I got a free glass of Muscat to go with dessert.  How sweet of the waitress to take pity on me and bring me this glass of dessert wine!  It paired perfectly with the dessert.  I talked with the cute waitress throughout the meal, and I gave the food the positive reinforcement it deserved.  I am big on positive reinforcement because it makes all the difference in running, yoga, school, and dealing with ADHD children.  

At nighttime, I thought I needed my fill of sodium at Ippudo.  The Akamaru Modern combines salty, sweet, and pork fat with a heavy dose of gourmet carbs in the form of ramen.  It turns out one of my friends from pre-freshman year facebooking worked there, so again, I got a FREE bowl of edamame and good conversation to boot! 

 It's not so lonely eating alone you see, and if you're lucky you get things for free!

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Hilary said...

You must be the best fed college student in all NYC.