Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eat in Peace

I do it before class or after a doctor’s appointment. I do it on a Saturday night, and I refuse to be ashamed by it. I have even done it after completing a 20-mile run and candle-lit yoga down the block from me. I eat alone. It’s not because I don’t have friends or because I am unpopular, it is due to my love and devotion of the beauty and charm that is found in a New York restaurant.

Some people meet at restaurants on a date or to catch up with an old friend. I want to make love to the food and catch up on me eating! Many believe that the guy or girl eating alone is lonely (my neurotic mother included,) but this is purely a myth. I think those who dine alone are the happiest eaters in the world. We don’t have to listen to someone shoot the shit, and we can eat or drink however we please without anyone knowing or remembering us besides those who work at the restaurant. By eating alone, I focus on what I want in my meal and it’s another hour or so in my day when I can decompress and rejuvenate.

I still don’t think I have introduced myself sufficiently. My name is Josh Korth. I live in the East Village and go to school at NYU. I am studying psychology, art history, and child and adolescent mental health studies when I am not eating my way through the city. I am originally from Rockville, Maryland outside of the nation’s capital. I am Jewish, gay, and single. I run marathons, and I just qualified for the Boston Marathon. I enjoy going to free yoga down the street from me on St. Marks Place. My favorite beverages are green tea and beer.

I will keep you informed of my eating excursions with and without companions. I will also update about past experiences as a foodie. I hope you enjoy, and I’ll take a table for one, please.

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